connected limits / LINIE 08 SEPTEMBER #2 ENGLISH

This interesting trilogy seems to have a connection, or coincidence? Extravagant dimensions, with no space, no time but full of mysteries that could make the human mind blow out.

The first peace HUNTED by Kristin Mente makes us travel in those stories from the ancient past where the legend started and passed from one generation to another.

In a dark sepia ambience and a paused music, we see two sisters (Kristin and Noriko Melchior) alone in a foggy forest. They sleep, one starts to awake and sluggishly get up, then the second  follows .With  pale skin, dark deep eyes, slow very slow they begin the motion that flows as night  starts covering  the sky. With subtle and synchronised movements, the piece develops, with a dance that gets a special rhythm but more than the movement of the body, is the strong language of the cold faces, the eyes and the force that emerges from the inside. These slow movements become stronger, then like an old ritual there is a dance in circles. Something   captures their attention, one of them may be the younger, curious   wants to reach it,  the older sister perhaps the leader does not let her  touch it , with a swing of a long branch in her mouth tries to persuade her,  first gentle as a caress , then rude, this rudeness leads them to a fight and  causes  them to split one from the other. Steel a deep night surrounds and steers them to a linear dance   going side to side the two in opposite directions but equal in movements. They never loose the strength, the deep sight, the cold and unexpressive faces, on the contrary they attain more strength. Possibly by the influence of a full moon that finally conquers with its presence the night and the two creatures  in an intense state that  leads them to  great howls  where we see a culmination of ferocity. 

 Mente/ hunted

Mente/ hunted


CO-INCIDENCE by Daniela Lehman.

This piece starts in a scenario with neutral lights, at the bottom there is a writer seated in front of a desk facing the public and at the front to the right we see a musician with his guitar. Some of the public have been given an envelope and they are invited to be inside the scene; they seat surrounding the stage  aligned in an open square then they open the envelopes and inside them they find an object, the object is placed in front of each person. They wait.  The dancer  (Daniela)  enters, quiet and slowly, she looks around, she looks  at the people that  is there  then chooses a place   on the floor and lies in a relaxed position. Improvisation begins and as she starts moving the guitar sound follows her.   What is she going to say with her body language? Who is she? Who are we?  In between her subtle and slow movements she goes telling a story; she is dreaming, at the same time she is in the present, goes through the past but is it the past, the future, the dream?   With some repetitive movements of her body and gestures of her face, she lets us see that something is ruling   our lives or some kind of ….society? The objects; are they stages of future or past? Whit this body language and her direct look at people’s eyes, an atmosphere of uncertainty is created; at times she seems to give somebody an invisible thing, or she smiles or gestures direct at someone’s face, the public does not know what to do, if to smile when she smiles  or take her hand when   she is almost going to touch you. She almost gives us a clue but she stops in the precise moment to let you on the air.  All has started full of uncertainty   and she has maintained this tension during the whole piece until the end, then she stops waits a moment and as if the content of her mind was erased, she seats. The writer reads what he has captured from the dancer but what has he captured?

Is destiny already written for somebody? Or do we write our destiny?




WAS WENN….(Teil 2)  by Yamile A. Navarro Luna

In vibrant, colourful lights and deep music, we see a beautiful and perfect being (Jessica Larbig) moving, dancing with precise lines. She lives in an ideal world, created by her or maybe created for her at a point that she is not conscious of the existence. Immerse in a mechanical routine, sudden glimpses appear and for a moment she sees that something in her is not… not living? Shocked tries to return in her routine, however, she does not feel the same.  Lights and music turn into a mysterious ambience.   An echo trough the haze of a dimension is heard. An entity is there ( Yamile Navarro) whispering  then screaming, struggling, to get the attention of this perfect being, perchance; to awake her. Dancing with strong and powerful movements yet transparent and subtle, this soul tries to break the barriers in where she is oppressed and imprisoned. Almost detached from the perfect flesh the soul finds a way   to get materialised. Strong but exposed like naked, devoutly to be wished, fights to get a connection  with this being and even when they exist in different dimensions,  the strength of the soul moves to the illusion of a mirror, they are nearly touching each other,   in a dance of synchronicity  that  provokes  energy explosions, they are almost united , almost but.....

….. “For in that sleep of death what dreams may come”…(Hamlet)

Humans, in pursuit of possessing a perfect body and  an ideal world full of machines  are losing something  so precious.

Is this the future of humans or is it already happening?



Was, wenn... Y.Navarro

Was, wenn .. Y. Navarro





Text von Patricia Luna


Fotos: Peter R. Fiebig