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TanzNetzDresden Training TENZA schmiede Dresden

Profi-Training 10:00 – 11:30 Uhr

@TENZA schmiede
Pfotenhauerstraße 59
01307 Dresden

Für Profis und Laien/For professionals and non professionals

Kosten/Participation fee

Für TNDD-Mitglieder 5 €, für nicht TNDD-Mitglieder 8 €

Ohne Anmeldung/ Open Classes

Montag        30.05.2022     Marita Matzk         STRALA YOGA 

Dienstag      31.05.2022      Marita Matzk         STRALA YOGA 

Donnerstag 02.06.2022     Yamile Anaid Navarro Luna  Ballett

Montag        06.06.2022     Aurélie Lafaye         Ballett

Dienstag      07.06.2022     Dominik Strobl      Zeitgenössisch 

Donnerstag 09.06.2022     Yamile Anaid Navarro Luna  Ballett

Montag        13.06.2022      Marita Matzk          STRALA YOGA 

Dienstag      14.06.2022      Dominik Srobl       Zeitgenössisch

Donnerstag 16.06.2022      Dominik Strobl      Zeitgenössisch 

Montag        20.06.2022      Open space

Dienstag      21.06.2022       Open space

Donnerstag 23.06.2022       Open space

Montag         27.06.2022     Yuya Fujinami    Contemporary / Zeitgenössisch

Dienstag       28.06.2022     Yuya Fujinami    Contemporary / Zeitgenössisch

Mittwoch      29.06.2022    Yuya Fujinami    Contemporary / Zeitgenössisch

Donnerstag  30.06.2022    Yuya Fujinami    Contemporary / Zeitgenössisch

Freitag          01.07.2022     Yuya Fujinami    Contemporary / Zeitgenössisch


Special Guest Yuya Fujinami Profi-Training TanzNetzDresden Mo. 27.06.2022 – Fr. 01.07.2022

What: Contemporary / Zeitgenössisch

When: jeweils von 10:00-11:30 Uhr /from 10:00-11:30 each day

Where: TENZAschmiede, Pfotenhauerstraße 59, 01307 Dresden

Anmeldung an/Registration to:  

*Bitte sei 10 Minuten vor Kursbeginn da

*please arrive 10 mins before the class begins

Kosten/Participation fee

Für TNDD-Mitglieder 5 €, für nicht TNDD-Mitglieder 8 €
For TNDD members € 5, for non TNDD members € 8


Class Description

This sharing room is completely my own personal research based on preparation for floor work. i am interested in finding ways to connect movements while releasing unnecessary force. this leads to the importance of the space in between, connecting to the japanese concept of ma (gap, space, pause). movements are connected by efficient suspensions, moments in which force is released and redirected into both internal and external space; listening to the physical need of eliminating unnecessary force generates a more conscious and analytical approach to momentum. together we will realise how the spreading out of separate forces generates acrobatics and creates suspension from effortless flow of dynamics and melodic rhythm of expansion and contraction, understanding that multi centrality is supporting technique and facilitating floor work.

Yuya Fujinami began his professional dance and gymnastics education in Saitama, Japan and He continues his studies at akademia nazional di danza-Rome and completed at the Hamburg Ballet School of John Neumeier. After his graduation He was engaged with several theaters. Since 2016, Yuya is a freelance dance artist based in Berlin and has collaborated with various independent choreographers. He also worked and toured internationally with companies such as Constanza Macras | Dorkypark as well as Sasha Waltz & Guests in Periodically, Yuya is also realizing his own choreographies. for his first collaboration with Emmanouela Dolianiti, they received the audience award best duo 2017, for their production memini at the 9th international soloduo festival in Cologne. In 2019 they created ETHE REAL in co-production with Constanza Macras /Dorkypark and ex-teater. The piece was presented at theater verlin and at the performing arts festival Berlin.

Instagram: @yuya.fujinami

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