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Niv Melamed

Dancer, Choreographer & teacher

Niv is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in the field of contemporary dance theatre. In 2016, Niv joined the „Johannes Wieland Dance Company“ of Staatstheater Kassel (DE), where he collaborated with choreographers Johannes Wieland (DE), Maxine Doyle (UK; Punchdrunk), Lenka Vagnerová (CZ). As a freelancer, Niv worked with Evangelos Poulinas (GR), Reut Shemesh (IL), and others. Niv’s work crosses the boundaries of dance and theater, drawing on psychological, cognitive and narrative aspects of the human experience.

Niv works in dance, film, and theatre, and choreographs at Stadttheater Gießen. Niv is a passionate teacher and rehearsal director in Germany. Niv actively advocating for dancers‘ rights as part of the union „GDBA“ and „dancersconnect“.

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