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Fernando Balsera

Dancer, Choreographer & Trainer

Fernando Balsera was born in Madrid where he started his dance training and graduated in Environmental Engineering at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He finished his dance education with a Postgraduate in Contemporary Dance at The Place, London, and has worked for MotionHouse Dance Theater and Gabriella Maiorino, Lilach Livne and Simone Sandroni in Amsterdam and Munich.

Since 2011 Fernando lives in Berlin and has worked for numerous freelance companies and state theatres such as Toula Limnaios, Shangchi Sun, Constanza Macrass Dorky Park (assistant choreographer) & Wee Dance Company (choreographer/teacher).

He currently works as a freelance dancer including work for Hagit Yakira Dance, PlanMee, Ruben Reniers, Junk Ensemble, Meg-Stuart, Ivo Dimchev, Sasha Waltz and Szene2wei Inklusion Tanzcompagnie.

As facilitator, Fernando teaches regular training in several dance companies, including Pforzheim StadtTheater, Landesbühne-Sachsen, and Tanz-Art. After graduating with an MBA in 2016 he works as assistant director for Jorge Crecis and as a facilitator for OWL Training.

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